3Phaz, dj and producer egyptian, debuts on 100Copies imprint..’Three Phase‘ will be due out March 27th on vinyl and digital formats.

The Cairo-based producer, who just played live at CTM Festival, roots his music in bass, distortion and grime, to be considered post-Shaabi by maniupulating the traditonal Mahraganat sound that you can hear traveling through the streets of Cairo in a very unassuming and unique way.
This will be the first solo release for 3Phaz following track he released on the Cairo Concepts compilation alongside DJ Plead and DJ Haram in 2019.


A1 / 1. Dawayer
A2 / 2. Siren
A3 / 3. Drill
A4 / 4. Exploit
B1 / 5. Procession
B2 / 6. Phase #5
B3 / 7. Pressure
B4 / 8. Pivot
B5 / 9. Chaos Controlled

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