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Acid Boiler Coalition ends this year with its second vinyl release with an amazing compilation of hard music.

A.B.C. is a collective focused on underground acidtechno..ebm and darktechno with acid features very welcome as well .
The new Various Artists is based on the quarantine time, mostly written by italian artists, for whom the lockdown has been really hard..the whole digital release ontains 8 tracks, but just 6 of them are on vinyl.
Some of the 8 tracks are more classic acidtechno, others more noisey and industrial, some totally experimental.
Vinyl and digital formats out in December 22 2020.
Link here.


1. The Mighty Raptus – Caustic Filter
2. Gigi Galli – C-T.O. Phono
3. Lady Maru – Rischio Futuro
4 Sboyz – Disastro Mentale
5. Ayako Mori – Acid Gradation ( Moog Conspiracy Remix )
6. Jackpoint Zeroes – Hypertension
7. Stefano Rocchi – Find a way
8. Michele Papa – Camera con soppalco

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