With infamous raw power and sonic mayhem, Alavux brings a monster 4-track banger to the Woodwork agenda, enlisting two of the label’s electro vanguard for remixes. ‘Radio Astronomy‘ kicks off at full throttle and never lets up.
Buzzing and slicing from the off, ‘Sun Burns‘ pounds its way through a relentless sequence of explosive percussion with an interjecting morse code style synth motif…hard breaks techno with incessant groove. ‘Cosmic Rays‘ keeps right on going, leading directly into some repetitive FM distortion riffs and a pounding 909 snare assault. ‘Micro Waves‘ continues in the same fashion, favouring an electro beat reviled by an onslaught of modulated noise hits and squealing fx. The title track puntuates the set with an unusual layer of vicious guitar work that doubles a scathing distorted synth drone.
Having also provided the guitar layer for ‘Radio Astronomy‘, first up with its ‘reach the stars revision’ is Pablo Splice, whose melodic bleeps, clanks, and frantic bass patterns serve a cut out of Alavux’s drones and beats for another electro context. Next up, it’s LectrO cOd_E with a funkier rendition that sees some of the original parts subjected to vocoder treatments under cOd_E‘s familiar frantic breaks and electro chatter.

01. Sun Burns
02. Cosmic Rays
03. MicroWaves
04. Radio Astronomy
05. Radio Astronomy ( Pablo Splice reach the stars revision )
06. Radio Astronomy ( LectrO cOd_E Remix )

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Tech Clubbers is an electronic music project based in Italy.

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