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Altstadt Echo release a new album, ‘This Work Contains Lead‘, on Svreca‘s Semantica. It will be released on the label in May 2019.

This Work Contains Lead‘ is the debut album of the artist, a techno and ambient artist whose career began in Detroit and has lead him to Berlin. It will be released on the Semantica label in May 2019. As a concept album, the atmospheres and melodic elements used are entirely constructed from a single 16th-century choral acapella recording. The selection of this sound source reflects an ongoing theme in Altstadt Echo’s work: a tension between feelings of reverence manifested by religious art and his own gradual abandonment of spiritual belief following a religious upbringing.

Semantica Artwork


1. Miracles and Dust
2. Nothing Can Happen
3. An Early Death
4. Watch a Moth Drink Tears
5. Buried in Ash
6. Unbearably Radiant
7. And Then I Want It To Be Over
8. We Feel Like Rust
9. Concrete Turns to Gold

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