Arido Records is happy to presents its firsy Various Artists includes tracks from Joaquin Ruiz, Dusicyon, Viking, Kata Mercado, Juan Trujillo and many many more.

Alma” compilation is an initiative that seeks to interpret and decode the frequencies of the universe transforming them into sounds, so that filmakkers from all over the world can compose, share and create the community united by a search that as captivated humans for thousands of years.
The release will be out on December 30th of 2020 on Cassette and Digital Formats.

1. Joaquin Ruiz – Alma
2. Dusicyon – Cruz Del
3. Viking – Inertial Space
4. Kata Mercado – Mantra
5. Juan Trujillo – Conciencia
6. H3 ( CH ) – First Contact
7. Alex Blumen – Materia Oscura
8. Das – Tormenta Del Desierto
9. Dangelo ( ARG ) – Rylai
10. Mladys Garin – Deimos
11. Andrers ( BR ) – Alderamin
12. Jose Monsalve – SBXT22
13. JX-216 – The Sound
14. Travelfactory- Focus X

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