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Eduardo De La Calle & Dj Surgeles are responsible for the fifth release of the Árido Records catalog.
The work is titled ‘Nonblished Frameworks’ Ep and shows us two original tracks loaded with dynamism, conceived for the track and highly irreverent. Work that openly exposes the talent of two established artists and in which we experience all the creative versatility to which we are accustomed.

Arido Records is a label that resides in Iquique, northern Chile. A place where the raw desert, its untamed nature of overwhelming landscapes and infinite colors, textures, sediments and erosion coincide. Natural elements that define the sound of the plate, which is essentially rebellious, resilient, futuristic, cerebral and deep.
The EP is out on December 14th.

A1. Track 1.001
B2. Track 2.001

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