Billy Spike Iland


Dublin-based producer Billy Spike Iland drops his debut EP on CommonSense Records with a variety of deep, atmospheric, mental, trippy and driving Techno under the ‘Access Automation‘ EP.

Four original tracks that combine sci-fi futuristic elements dominating the sound design for an experimental journey. Each track has its own particular sound suitable for different vibes and momentums, weapons for a diversity of contexts. To concrete this whole project, the Portuguese based producer A Thousand Details took charge of creating two interpretations of the track ‘Mechanism‘ which can only be described as mental trippy bangers most suitable for dance floors. The balance of this EP shows the diversity and versatility between two artists for a release that will leave you wanting more.
The EP will be out in digital format on November 8th.

A.1 Depth
A.2 Rotation
A.3 Switch
B.1 Mechanism
B.2 Mechanism ( A Thousand Details Remix )
B.3 Mechanism ( A Thousand Details Remix Side B )

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