Cèilì lands on Techno Is The Devils Music imprint with a new insanely good EP, dropping 13th March.

Self proclaimed “DJ from the sticks in Ireland”, Céilí breathes diabolical energy to unforgiving imprint, Techno Is The Devil’s Music. Following his ‘Rough n Ready’ release on Obscuur, and a heap of killer sets – many at Techno institution, Jaded – Céilí’s discerning ear, honed skills and sense of self shine through in this release.
TITDM02 blends hardcore club vibes with melodic, euphoric elements for a sound that’s heavy-hitting, yet fresh and exciting.


A1. Stern Morning Shake
A2. Straight Off The Plane
B1. 2000 and Ded
B2. Time Is No More A Thing

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Emanuele Vizza.
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