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Following in the footsteps of his vinyl-only debut EP, ‘Floaty Things’, electronics transcender and modular warlock Colin Benders clocks in on Hiss & Hertz with ‘Rigmarole‘, a five-track odyssey ushering us amidst mazes of intricately woven improvisations, hectic rhythmic landslides and mood-enslaved machine talk.

Recorded during lockdown, like its predecessor, the album pledges to showcase the darker side of Benders’ live streams turned archival recordings, whilst shedding a broader light on his breadth of scope as a spur-of-the-moment conductor of highly demanding, circuit-bending symphonies of sorts.
A shape-shifting flow of unpredictable essence, flush with climactic flights, untamed divagations and further mind-expanding excursions into chaotic sound expanses, the EP is the fruit of a philosophy and particular relationship with his steadily growing online audience, with whom he’s come to go full circle; from sharing his knowledge and approach towards modular expression in open-ended, non-formulaic fashion, onto stamping the result of his jamming sessions on black wax thanks to the continued support of his community. Comprised of five live-recorded joints spanning the widest array of styles, tempi and moods, “Rigmarole” is a magnetic field where Benders’ sound blooms in all its alchemical potency and spontaneous finesse.
‘Rigmarole’ EP is available in digital and vinyl formats on December 17th.

01. This is fine
02. Wait
03. What’s that noise
04. I can’t feel my legs
05. Carry me

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