Controlled Violence


Controlled Violence presents their fifth vinyl release, and 18th iteration of their catalogue, and who else better to rein in this momentous occasion than one of their core family members: Simon Mann.

A regular participant and core member of the CV family since the very beginning, it was only a matter of time before Simon would unveil his first solitary vinyl release. Previously, his appearances on CV’s introductory VA – CVR VI, the stunning eight-track digital release titled the ‘Shadow Ranger ’ EP, and performances representing the label both live and DJing, have allowed Controlled Violence to decipher Simon’s modus operandi, his artistic milieu, and his sound. Beneath The Canopy is, however, Simon’s most synoptic work to date, dancing between labyrinthine environs ( natural or otherworldly ), heart-felt progressions, and playful percussion.
From start to finish, the organic elements of Simon Mann’s artworks present themselves with a sense of wonderment. The mind begins to lose itself between the defined sounds of electronic devices, and those derived from reality. Beneath The Canopy doesn’t seek to confuse, but rather define, and subsequently present the concepts of unity. It summarises the duality between analogue and digital that occurs in our world, proving that Simon Mann is both an elite musician, and a being who is truly sync with the world around him.



A1 – Ascending Branches (Original Mix)
A2 – Matter Of Twist (Original Mix)
B1 – Sunlight Through The Moss Grove (Original Mix)
B2 – Whimsical Narrative (Original Mix)

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