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Belgian imprint Arkham Audio continues to build momentum twelve months after its launch, drawing on some of the scene’s biggest names and defying the odds to become a heavy hitter in the industrial techno sphere.

On “Arkham Audio 07“, label owner Cri Du Coeur delivers a rolling, broken number with Jeffrey. As sparse as it is effective, the track is driven by saturated kickdrums and white noise percussion, with a vocal sample which placed exquisitely between the kicks, creating a rhythm greater than the sum of their parts. “Jeffrey” (Techno 909 Edit) straightens out the original with a dose of the 909s for a cleaner but still highly functional dancefloor workout.
The track is based on the story of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer aka The Milwaukee Cannibal, who was captured, convicted and murdered in 1994.
A trio of remixes come from heavyweights Drumcell, Insolate and Luis Flores.

01. Jeffrey (Original Mix)
02. Jeffrey (Radio Edit)
03. Jeffrey (909 Techno Mix)
04. Jeffrey (Drumcell Remix)
05. Jeffrey (Insolate Remix)
06. Jeffrey (Luis Flores Remix)

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