D.Dan launches his own label, SUMMERPUP as a home for his unique blend of deep, groovy, rolling sounds steeped in psychedelia. The label’s playful mantra derives from heritage knowledge from his Korean roots passed down by his mother, based on his time of birth.

In my DJ sets, I like to explore states of loop-driven hypnosis. For ‘X-Dreams‘, I wanted to create a track that tunnels and intensifies a state of entrancement to a point where the energy boils and spills over, without losing the thread of tension that is built and woven throughout the journey of a set.
D.Core‘ is inspired by an epiphany I had while on the dancefloor. I had an uncanny feeling of deja vu, identical to how I felt in my days playing drums to locked-groove metalcore breakdowns. The satisfaction of a double kick, cracking snare, syncopated chords, and metallic cymbal is a feeling I wanted to hybridize and translate for the club.
Falling Forward Into The Future‘ is a track I made specifically for the first time I was invited to play Mala Junta as a guest, on the 1st of December 2018. I had been going to Mala Junta since the first edition and immediately felt musically at home before I had even gotten to know Hyperaktivist and DJ TOOL personally. Countless tracks I had been digging for years but never heard out, I finally heard at Mala Junta. Naturally, I was very excited and inspired when I was invited to play there for the first time; I finished “Falling Forward Into The Future” the day before that set as my closing track.
” – D.Dan

Summerpup‘ EP will be out on December 3rd in digital and vinyl formats.

A1. X-Dreams
A2. D.Core
B1. Falling Forward Into The Future

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