David Löhlein is back to tease and seduce, with the dark, incendiary techno sound of his debut album ‘Via Taya‘ on Vision Ekstase imprint. This first full-length album is a brilliant distillation of everything that made Löhlein’s sound an instant success.

Stuttgart techno fixture David continues his legacy of intricate textures and hypnotic soundscapes over compelling rhythms on his debut album. This is a deep dive into the lush, sultry techno that’s defined the artist’s sound since the release of the first single ‘ALTAI‘ in 2019. In a flawless production, Löhlein crafts his compositions with meticulous attention to detail, evoking introspective soundscapes and slow-release euphoria.
VIA TAYA‘ is David Löhlein expanding his creative narrative into a potent mix. The result is an impressive debut album that’s both dynamic and cohesive—a hopeful and melancholic rebellion with a notoriously sexy streak.
LP available on November 11th in digital and vinyl formats.

A1 / 1. Atrevida
A2 / 2. Dawning
B1 / 3. Via Taya
B2 / 4. Cobra ( feat. Any Mello )
C1 / 5. Athena
C2 / 6. Kushva ( feat. Fabian Wegmeth, Rove Ranger, Symon )
D1 / 7. Lost In The Lights ( feat. Crimson Sky )
D2 / 8. Lijana

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