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Delsin Records presents a great compilation of Claro Intelecto’s best works to date. Out December 2nd in digital and vinyl 12″ format!

As Claro Intelecto’s relationship with Delsin continues to blossom, now feels like an appropriate time to take stock of his considerable contribution to modern techno. The Dutch imprint is pleased to gather together some of the highlights from the rich and varied catalogue of the Manchester-based producer Claro Intelecto.
In Vitro – Volumes One & Two’ is an expansive compilation that filters out select highlights from across Claro Intelecto’s impressive discography & reframes them as a compelling overview of a truly distinctive voice in modern electronic music.

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In Vitro – Volume One
A1 / 1. Peace Of Mind (Electrosoul)
A2 / 2. Second Blood
B1 / 3. It’s Getting Late
B2 / 4. When The Time Is Right
C1 / 5. Two Thousand
C2 / 6. Heart (Warehouse Mix)
C3 / 7. Beautiful Death
D1 / 8. Contact
D2 / 9. Chadderton
D3 / 10. You Not Me

In Vitro – Volume Two
A1 / 1. Chicago
A2 / 2. Episode
A3 / 3. Reformed
B1 / 4. Patience
B2 / 5. Remember
C1 / 6. Tone
C2 / 7. Nobody
C3 / 8. Still Here
D1 / 9. Signifier
D2 / 10. Percentages

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