Ellen Allien


Berlin techno luminary, and BPitch label founder, Ellen Allien turns her attention to the romantic darkwave duo Lebanon Hanover, aka Larissa Iceglass and William Maybelline, with this double pack of remixes.
These cuts began life as personal edits for her own DJ sets in 2019, appearing in her last Boiler Room and many shows since. They captivated fans of her, and the band, who clamoured for an official release and now those wishes are answe- red.

For her takes on ‘Living On The Edge’, she pushes up the tempo and adds thumping drums to the arrangement. Larissa’s vocals sit comfortably on top of the club-focused instrumental, which stays true to the original spirit of the song while reconfiguring it for the dancefloor. The melancholy romance is still present, but the energy elevated for body movement. Her explosive 146bpm remix of ‘Living On The Edge’, a digital exclusive, is a vast and perfectly of-the-moment techno cut. Ellen’s second remix is a techno reinterpretation of ‘Invite Me To Your Country’. Pulsating kick drums and an air of me- nace pervade throughout. Ellen skilfully piques our emotions, retaining the key motif and guitar riff from the original to great effect. Halfway through Iceglass’ unmistakeable vocals drift in, adding depth and grace to the arrangement.
The remixes are lovingly and respectfully composed by an artist who counts themselves as a sincere fan of Lebanon Hanover. Dark wave and techno have always had a close relationship and this remix couplet demonstrates how they can be blended seamlessly.
BPX015 will be out in digital format on October 22 and in vinyl format in February 04.

01. Living On The Edge ( Ellen Allien Mix )
02. Invite Me To Your Country ( Ellen Allien Remix )
03. Living On The Edge ( Ellen Allien 146 bpm Mix )


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