Fabrik Music reveals its last Various Artists “Assimilation” Album Compilation Vol 10.
The album consisting of modern Electronic Techno, tracks that include discrepant style sounds that create Analog, Acid, Industrial, Proper, Deep and Fabrik Techno style. Total 46 crazy tracks for digital album Compilation.
Fabrik038‘ is available next April 10th.

Pre-order here.

Axling – Occultation
Roberto Clementi – Gamma Compensation
Jokasti & Nek – Knock Your x0x Off
Exilles – Neurotic
Vegim & Lost Algorithm – Vakt
Earwax – Rooms
Lifka – Lightrunner
Andrea Belluzzi – Vitae Essentia
A Thousand Details – Cephalite Druid
WORG – Thanatos
Kitkatone – Cash
Javi Lago – Track 83
Lucas Freire – Gone Too Soon
Antony Doria – Dread Box
MasCon – Capsulated
RNGD – Outlines
Cyklos – Human Decadence
Alex Dolby – Horizon
Dykkon – Phase Corrector
Luciano Esse – 29
Eonan – Indium
Vohkinne – Idle
Juan Trujillo – Drowned
Metapattern & Ket Robinson – S41
Tension – Particle
Unkle Fon – Maracana
Mari Mattham – Rose Gold
Motionen – Pavlovian Response
JC Laurent – O.E.S
PWCCA – Divisor
KLAMER – Let Me Run Away From You
ØBERØN – ABC’s Of Death
HICCUP – Mantra
Persohna – Collision
BFVR – Orbital Lake
Korben Nice – Wind Speed
Røtter – Daniela
Elias DE – Burocracy
Dig-it – Precesion
Lars Hemerling – Young H Rob Berry
AXKAN – Wake Up
Stephan Krus – Circular
The Extraverse – Last Train
Dawn Razor – Acid Trance 2
Keyser – Waiting For A New
ASKE & Lost Algorithm – A New Beginning

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