Fresko debuts on DEAD CERT. Records with the new techno EP “Secular Drama“, out next 13 July in digital format.

Francisco Barahona aka Fresko is a fresh artist talent from Portugal who released his debut album on HAYES, ran by a collective including Temudo, Nørbak and VIL amongst others. ELBEREC and OBSCUUR have also released Fresko’s music as he once again shows his productions prowess making himself one to watch.
Behold Rusk” is a bouncy opener, that uses a moody bassline and abstract atmosphere fuelled with a dark funk from brave, brooding sounds.
The second track “Bawdy” combines intricate melody tones with a thumping beat to create a clever, characterful, cerebral piece.
Gritty To Us” has a darker feel overall, with a shadowy ambience and killer, pulsing, modular-style stabs that rip the airwaves with a raw and powerful aesthetic.
The final offering “Platina Debris” is a track that focuses on rolling percussive elements from the start, and derives more industrial influences to shape its aggressive, sharp, and metallic hook.

01. Behold Rusk
02. Bawdy
03. Gritty To Us
04. Platina Debris


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