Function reveals new album for Tresor Records, out the 29th November.

Existenz“, this is the title of the album, is a step away from the corporeal techno of the last years, as a reaction to traumas Function had during all his life. “Existenz” is about religion, sexuality, healing, andliberation. “Existenz” features collaborative tracks with house icon Robert Owens.
The LP is following the artist solo album debut out via Ostgut Ton back in 2013, and an album in collaboration with Vatican Shadow via Hospital Production in the following year. This new fantastic album will be premiered live A/V at Atonal on Sunday this weekend, followed by an extensive tour between Europe, Georgia – as Bassiani resident, Japan, Australia and US. Please find all the details of the tour below.


01. Sagittarius A (Right Ascension)
02. Pleasure Discipline
03. Ertrinken
04. Growth Cycle feat. Robert Owens
05. Zahlensender
06. The Approach
07. Nylon Mood
08. Alphabet City
09. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
10. No Entiendes
11. Kurzstrecke
12. Golden Dawn feat. Stefanie Parnow
13. Interdimensional Interferenc
14. Distant Paradise
15. Be feat. Robert Owens
16. Vampir
17. Downtown 161

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