The italian artist Gabber Eleganza is happy to launching his label and platform, Never Sleep.

Starting as a curated online archive by the dj Alberto Guerrini from 2011, Gabber Eleganza is one of the key-figures in the hardcore revival renewed interest. The aim of the project it to building up a bridge between the sonic landscape and aesthetic side of Hardcore and post- rave cultures, and the contemporary culture of music and art, which, up to that point, had despised theaforementioned movements.

The first official release on Never Sleep will be the ‘Hardcore Soul’ book and mixtape. This follows his 2018 studio debut EP on Lorenzo Senni‘s Presto!? Gabber Eleganza is subsequently planning to release vinyls on his label, during the next month we will announce the first EPs.
For ‘Hardcore Soul’ the artist collaborates with the photographer Ewen Spencer (author of the cult books as UKG and Openmic and collaborator for magazines like Vogue Homme, Dazed and of brands like Supreme and Apple).

Digital Cover

Pre-Order now on the new website:

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Emanuele Vizza.
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