Gegen Records is happy to presents its first digital release with only girls and non binary artists, out on November 27.

A massive line-up of all-female ( and beyond ) techno producers:
The German-Polish DJ-duo 2XNI uses an arrangement of distorted and disturbing voices, while Berlin-based legendary Monya experiments with insane beats.
Swedish Berlin-based Madwoman transplants us onto a raw but contemplative construction site and Eastel‘s industrial techno creates cascading waves of emotions.
Producer and GEGEN resident Martina S pierces us with her hovering and hammering sounds, Esther Duijn´s “Dominatrix” will whip our b/ass back to the 90´s groove.
Multi-genre-talent Lady Maru shows how to express “Climate Rage” with acid techno and Hybral, with “Gegen Polizeigewalt”, not only increases the speed limit of their sound but also the pressure against current violence against POC.
“We are the granddaughters of the witches you weren’t able to burn” –Tish Thawer

Pre-order here.

2XNI – Two X and I
Monya – Gegen Me Out
Madwoman – Blush Rush
Eastel – Zadig
Martina S – Karma Revenge
Esther Duijn – Dominatrix
Lady Maru – Climate Rage
Hybral – Gegen Polizeigewalt

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Tech Clubbers is an electronic music project based in Italy.

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