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After a massive 30-tracks digital compilation celebrating a decade of existence, Gegen keeps moving forward with the release of their third vinyl record.

Starting it off is Berlin-based Cristian Marras: DJ, Producer and Rebels Conspiracy label founder who plays solid driving Industrial Techno and his track for Gegen is no exception. Opening with ethereal chants like a coven calling to arms, ‘Asymmetric‘ sounds like an existential journey from awakening to action, the switch in state of mind materialized by amenacing acid line emerging halfway through, leading us out of darkness.
Next is UK’s JoeFarr, a versatile and skilled craftsman who recently got music out on Soma followed soon by a release on Rebekah’s Elements. His track for Gegen is the bittersweet ‘Timeless‘, built on the duality between soft emotional hopeful melodies and raw distorted cutting martial basslines with crushing sound design.
On the B side, Berlin’s OCD’s artist statement centered around the ideology of pain and the battle against anxiety caused by a senseless world, with the goal to turn people’s fear and
information overload into rage and find pleasure from overwhelming emotions in modern rhythms, is in full effect on her track ‘Egoismus‘. With its mournful pads like heartbroken fairies floating above an army on the move and thumping kicks characteristic of her hard sound, OCD brings you into an oneiric state where everything is out of control and too fast — a
metaphor for our ages.
To round it all up is British-born, Vienna-based Codex Empire whose productions you might have heard on aufnahme + wiedergabe or Sacred Court. He brings to Gegen his signature dark and intense techno with ‘Hagane‘, a track built on heavy rhythmic elements and metallic pounding sounds bouncing off each other for an unstoppable groove.

Release day: 10.06.2022 in Vinyl and Digital formats.


A1. Cristian Marras – Asymmetric
A2. JoeFarr – Timeless
B1. OCD – Egoismus
B2. Codex Empire – Hagane


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