Hailing from the city of Pereira, the producer and live act Gotshell debuts on Bpitch Berlin, a wide-ranging and potent 8-track EP, crispy modular system sounds, produced in solidarity with the ongoing protests in his native Colombia.

Gotshell made his name through appearances on Mord, Planet Rhythm, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, EPM and James Ruskin’s Blueprint. Prolific, diverse and unpredictable, his productions weave together classic old school techno loops, IDM, breaks and experimental noise. As a live performer, his freewheeling and psychedelic sets at festivals like Freedom in Colombia and Jungle Groove in Ecuador, plus underground clubs in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Tresor Berlin have earned him an international following.
Across 8 tracks Gotshell is in full flight, ranging from twisted cross-rhythmic techno to intricate, stuttering IDM. Moments of darkness are balanced by flashes of light, sounds of nature and searching euphoria, before the EP’s deep and contorted climax. It’s the sound of a producer restless and determined to resist.
Rezagados” EP will be available on June 16th in digital format, pre-order here.


01. Estado de Conmoción
02. Censura
03. Falacia
04. Creyentes
05. Rezagados
06. Aguilas
07. ¿Y La Libertad?
08. ¡Calumnia e Injuria!

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