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Haunter Records, the label run by Daniele Guerrini ( Heith ) and Francesco Birsa Alessandri ( Sense Fracture ), is putting out a 33-track compilation entitled ‘forever‘ in collaboration with musician and visual artist Nicola Tirabasso ( Visio ). The label owners are known for being part of the infamous squad and art space in Milan Macao while they are also some of the minds behind Saturnalia Festival. Daniele also started the Saucers imprint that he co-runs together with Kiran Sande ( Blackest Ever Black / Low Company ) and that launched with a Heith solo EP.

The compilation features artist from the label like ZULI & Broshuda collaborating in a track, Ossia that released a split EP with Giant Swan on Haunter last year as well as his acclaimed debut album on Blackest Ever Black, Petit Singe under a new moniker Tadleeh following her releases in 2017, S S S S that released the latest EP on the label and an album on Präsens Editionen as well as Kinlaw, ADVANCED AUDIO RESEARCH, Ausschuss, Weightausend and label head Heith delivers 3 tracks including a collaboration with Kareem Lofty as Ghost Lemurs of Madagascar while co-owner Sense Fracture contributes 2 tracks teaming up with Noumeno on one of them.
forever’ also welcomes several up-and-coming artists as well as respected names like Helm that just released an album on PAN, SHAPE 2019 artist Lutto Lento, Renick Bell, ssaliva, Katatonic Silentio, Celyn June and the list goes on.

The compilation will be out on October 4th on digital formats.

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