HELLCAT imprint ( bbbbbb sub-label ) presents two releases curated by VTSS and Bjarki. A split EP featuring the two productions on each side is due out March 6th, while a various artists 12-inch will follow on April 6th.

After the behind the scenes work VTSS did as curator of the inaugural V/A, the bbbbbb team unanimously invited the polish selector and producer to continue her involvement with HELLCAT naming her the label’s A&R.
The tracks selection for the second instalment include her own productions with the banging ‘Batman Church’ and the more anthemic ‘How to Win Big’, complemented by b-side which features ‘Hellfire‘ and ‘Safety Savage‘ from Bjarki – tunes VTSS has been playing relentlessly in her sets over the past year.


A1 / 1. VTSS – Batman Church
A2 / 2. VTSS – How to Win Big
B1 / 3. Bjarki – Hellfire
B2 / 4. Bjarki – Safety Savage

The label’s plans for 2020 include a couple of V/A and EPs putting attention on lesser known artists but ( in the eyes of Bjarki & VTSS ) with a bright future – another crucial mission of HELLCAT – with remixes from their side included in digital form for every release.
The upcoming “HELLCAT VOL.2” will include tracks by French producer and live performer Crystal Geometry, Warsaw’s Jasna 1 resident Sept, German duo CNC ( Contact Noise Crew ) and bbbbbb’s Kuldaboli as Krokodill.


A1 / 1. Crystal Geometry – Worldwide Insurrection
A2 / 2. Sept – Sensation Seeker
B1 / 3. CNC – Asket
B2 / 4. Krokodill – The Kops Are Comin

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