Hidden is happy to onnounces the new amazing EP from JC Laurent with the Mike Parker‘s Remix.

Side A begins with “Through Differences” and its rich, organic textures levitating around clever drum work, building tension then releasing with timely percussion. Featuring Mike Parker’s meticulously honed vision of techno, he’s carves out a brutal remix matching his vintage ritualistic sound locked into its own space and frequency.
Side B begins with “Backwards“’ raw drums aggressively paving the way for an edgy, stripped-down and intense vibe.
Navigates Time and Space” locks you in immediately with a groovy baseline and rolling snares for a special after-hours feeling.
The EP will be out on October 30th in digital and vinyl formats.

A1. Through Differences
A2. Through Differences (Mike Parker Remix)
B1. Backwards
B2. Navigates Time and Space

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