Miguel Duarte aka Holldën makes his debut release for DEAD CERT. Records with some authority following releases on the likes of Affekt, Labrynth, Decoy, Coincidence and Out-er.

Super Moon” wastes no time showing his production prowess from huge warping hooks as it spirals into the depths of abstract sounds wrapped up in ferocious funk.
The second entry is “Harvest Moon” with a spiky, analogue melody bursting in energy and feeling, sounding like a brewing thunderstorm ready to shock the dance floor.
Third up is “Blood Moon” a brooding, chugging juggernaut of suspense and functionality. Throw in a quirky break of haunting drones and it really captivates the mind.
Closing with “Blue Moon” and showing his diversity, this is a slice of more soulful techno focusing on emotion and dreamy chords and spacey atmospherics.


01. Super Moon
02. Harvest Moon
03. Blood Moon
04. Blue Moon

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