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Samuele De Santis, vinyl collector and dj resident for This is not (VA), is happy to presents the new EP via Homeless Trax.
Homeless Trax is a collection of tracks without home, which despite the nos and maybes still wanted to see the light of the day. Samuele will include several remixer in the series. In the first volume you will find three original tracks and a remix by Andrea Crestani. No genre conscrictions inside. Open mind open ears!

In “I’m Fallin” you can imagine a plunge into a waterfall of sounds and you can fully understand the meaning of the track, the Remix of this track by Andrea Crestani is a dancefloor version, with a driving rhythm where you can fall into the depths of blue rivers, pitched vocals, long strings, and a beautiful piano riff.
“Blue Desert” is a classic raw 808 beats with warm pads and smooth melodic bass. Trippy tracks to remember the end of a long summer.
The lasta track “ES1 to Tape” is a live version made with fabulous Korg Electribe ES1, Syncopate rhythms, pitched pad, raw drums. The live was recorded through the Boss BX8 directly to tape.

Release date: 30.09.2022 in Digital format.

Homeless Trax

01. I’m Fallin
02. I’m Fallin ( Andrea Crestani Remix )
03. Blue Desert
04. ES1 to Tape


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