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Jim Mroz aka Lussuria return to Hospital Productions for his new album, Three Knocks. Out on May 31st in digital format.

Lussuria is an ambient industrial project formed in 2007 by Jim Mroz. Heavily inspired by early dark ambient and industrial music, Lussuria’s atmosphere is created through a mixture of experimental sound collage, sampled loops, and deconstructed musical sections. To date, he has released several albums on Hospital Productions, has been a contributor to acclaimed Prurient albums ‘Rainbow Mirror‘ and ‘Frozen Niagara Falls‘ ( Profound Lore ) & has made compilation appearances on labels such as LIES, Pole Group, and the Berghain 09 compilation.
The album signifies a return back to the more organic ambient style of earlier Lussuria releases infused with the project’s most haunting and hallucinatory concept yet.


1. Fentanyl Chaser
2. Three Knocks
3. The Fear In Letting Go
4. Confused and Ill By Shadows

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