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Illegal Alien Records reveals its new release on Cassette edition and digital format for the next September 25.

It is a Compilation of Various Artists titled “Mitos y Leyendas” ( Myths and Legends ) and it is composed only of Mexican talent, following a call that was launched a couple of months ago to give emerging talent from Mexico an opportunity to show their works, which was a success and this great Compilation was made.
Inside this VA you can also find the Mexican artists of the label such as Ricardo Garduno, Fixon, Fixeer and Dig-it, accompanying the 10 of the winners of this project.

A1. Art Uro – Ometéotl
A2. Dig-it – Arbol del Vampiro
A3. Damian Vargas – Casa Del Trueno
A4. Fixon – La Llorona
A5. Fixeer – Cerro del Muerto
A6. Jnks – Xtabay
A7. Binary Phase – Huicholes Y El Maiz
B1. Leon XIV – Dziú y el Maíz
B2. Ricardo Garduno – Nahual
B3. Jorg Rodriguez – El Niño Llorón
B4. Daniel Romero – La Planchada
B5. LFB & Technicism – Alux
B6. Sintoma – Los Volcanes
B7. Daryl – El Charro Negro

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