Parabel steps up with Joel Mull’s fourth LP ‘Arrow Of Time’, his first album in eight years and the first LP to be released on the label, out June 14th.

If you’ve listened to techno in the past twenty years, Joel Mull won’t need any introduction, with three previous LPs released on prestigious labels Inside, Harthouse and Truesoul, and regular EPs appearing on Drumcode, Cocoon, Mary Go Wild or Kanzlermant to name a few. This new album is influenced by traveling, time and the future’s point of direction. It is melancholic, cinematic, with the soul of techno at its heart.
Arrow Of Time’ is the inspiration to this album’s title. It is both the time capsule that we all travel in and the journey that you do every time you listen to music.

Arrow of time


01 – Irreversible
02 – Up That Hill
03 – Gleaming
04 – Northern Spheres
05 – Caver
06 – Mnemonics
07 – Colorblind
08 – Working Body
09 – Ahead Of The Past
10 – Hertzsprung
11 – Alden Plateau

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