REPITCH Recordings, after releasing the VTSS EP last year, now presents the ‘Preternatural’ EP by the Greek up-and-coming producer MarcelDune.

MarcelDune fuses her arsenal of field recordings and samplers with modular synthesizer patterns, resulting in a hybrid sound that’s both effortlessly experimental and dancefloor-focused at once. Her Repitch debut follows seven hard dance broken beat bangers, including a rework from Italian techno don & Repitch co-owner Ascion. Fast techno with leading supersaw synths, syncopated heavy beats and dense polyrhythmic patterns are building up a hypnotic nostalgia. All this combined with a melodic touch, that reflects a uniquely personal approach.
Preternatural” EP will be out on October 23 in digital and vinyl formats.

1. Flattening My Nerves
2. Class Of Disobedience
3. It’s Ok To Have No Fun
4. It’s Ok To Have No Fun ( Ascion Remix )
5. Preternatural
6. Blader ( Exclusive Digital Bonus )
7. Your Day At A Glance ( Exclusive Digital Bonus )

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