Motionen returns on Illegal Alien Records with a new crazy EP, ‘Verses on Renunciation Vol.II‘ is out on 20th April in digital format.

The label is very happy to welcome back the Duo project with this special release, the volume number two of their last year EP ‘Verses on Renunciation‘ this second EP contains five original tracks and also includes two solid remixes from one of Japanese finest Techno artist Takaaki Itoh and also the talented and promising Italian artist HOBI, both Producers delivered outstanding remix works.

Pre-order here.


1. Ecstatic Dreamers Original Mix
2. Among The Abyss of Truth Original Mix
3. Among The Abyss of Truth ( Takaaki Itoh Remix )
4. Break In The Clouds Original Mix
5. Break In The Clouds ( OBI Remix )
6. In The Spectrum of The Unknown Original MixMotionen
7. Beautiful Moments Collide Original MixMotionen

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