Nathan Melja


Nathan Melja & Flørist presents “Wonderland” EP for the first release of Parodia, a new label launched by Nathan for creative output of his own as well as likeminded artists.

Nathan Melja, known for his releases on Antinote, Mister Saturday Night and Technicolor, as well as Kalahari Oyster Cult which saw his epic track ‘Synesthesia’ that went on to be remixed by Pariah and Anthony Naples while being rinsed by the likes of Ben UFO, Evan Baggs and Jane Fitz. Always translating sound into a wide spectrum of colours, Nathan’s signature sound has evolved over the years into a precise craft.
Flørist is hot on the heels of a stretch of highly acclaimed EPs on Trilogy Tapes, Pavilion and most recently Baroque Sunburst, constantly exploring the BPM grid, he is known to leave you wondering which way is up.
Together their sensory spheres collide for a unique record which details two solo original tracks as well as two different versions of their collaborative track Wonderland, made with not only the DJ but the listener in mind.
EP availbale on June 14st in 12” vinyl and digital formats.

A1 / 1. Nathan Melja – Back and Forth
A2 / 2. Nathan Melja & Flørist – Wonderland ( Nathan Melja Version )
B1 / 3. Flørist – Fade 2 Pink
B2 / 4. Nathan Melja & Flørist – Wonderland ( Flørist Version )


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