Nizax presents today the new track “KLRN” on the German label Code Is Law.

Valerio Moscaritolo or better, Nizax was born in Melfi in 1998, over the years he became passionate about music, studying from the first piano and becoming passionate about electronic music. In addition to being a DJ he is also a producer, he has a typically aggressive sound playing with
distortions and synths on 4/4 quite melancholic sometimes. After several experiences abroad and several active EPs he is constantly growing and looking for new sounds.
In this new Various Artists ( “Golden Circle 6” ) of the label there are also the productions by Kill Ref, Mørbeck,Stefano Moretti, Rommwick, Narciss, Nils Iven, End Train.


1. Nizax – KLRN
2. Rommwick – Arksum
3. Mørbeck – Poseidon
4. Narciss – Bargain-Bin Anthem
5. Stefano Moretti – New Days Has Cone
6. Kill Ref – Mammouth
7. Nils Iven – Moralic
8. End Train – The Sound Of The Tunnel Next To The River

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Emanuele Vizza.
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