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Pablo Bozzi returns to Jennifer Cardini’s Dischi Autunno with a follow up record to the ‘Last Moscow Mule’ EP from 2020. The six track EP ‘Ghost Of Chance’ marks a deepening from the previous forays into the Italo Disco & Synthwave influenced sound Bozzi has previously explored.

With a heavy hand in the realm of nostalgia Bozzi expertly weaves melody through drum machine loops, the track comes to a climax with longing vocals reminiscent of 80s new wave and goth dance clubs. Although steeped in the nostalgia of time gone he manages to lend a modern production, a cleanness of sound that never stays too long in the past.
With a creative journey beginning at a young age with classic training and studies at the National Conservatory of Toulouse, it was after completing his degree in Sound Design in Montpelier that Pablo moved to Berlin and made an impact in its underground dance scene. Upon arrival he developed several collaborative projects and aliases and a series of releases on respected labels and his Second Sight residency on Berlin’s streaming platform HÖR that have seen Bozzi’s reputation grow steadily. His passion for EBM, Italo Disco and Synthwave has deeply impacted his sonic landscape. It is this aesthetic which threads the past with the present that led him to release a solo EP ‘Walk On Wire’ on BITE, the label co-run by Berghain resident Phase Fatale. Shortly after this release Bozzi and Phase Fatale joined forces as Soft Crash, which they describe as “Italo Body Music” and were going to present a live show at Panoramabar in December.
The EP is available in Vinyl and Digital formats on January 21st.

01. GoldenEye
02. Faiding Light
03. Night Voices
04. Vanishing Paradise
05. Hotswitch
06. Ghost of Chance

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