Paul Ritch


Paul Ritch is back home on his imprint with four intense tracks followed by a deep and dark interpretation from Mexican Ricardo Garduno. On this EP it’s all about Pressure and is out on April 3rd in digital format.

Mental Pressure” takes the lead with obsessive sequences, asymmetrical vocals that go back and forth and spacey elements that end up to a very special arrangement.
With “Macro Pressure” Paul wastes no time by taking things much forward with percussive workouts leading the charge while things get more serious with Under Pressure where sub-heavy elements create a dark and forceful track with periodical screams.
Electrik Pressure” creates an electrifying environment and guarantees the crowd’s positive reaction on the dancefloor. Closing out this EP Ricardo has prepared a hypnotic and functional tool with clean synth lines, diverse noises and a signature kick/hat groove.


1 – Mental Pressure
2 – Macro Pressure
3 – Under Pressure
4 – Electrik Pressure
5 – Macro Pressure ( Ricardo Garduno Remix )

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