John “Cyclonix” Wilcox release on Percebes Música with a new deep-house EP.

Efeito Borboleta” is his take on the Percebes sound and it features three incredible originals and a home-made remix by girl of the moment Sheri Vari.
It kicks off with “Butterfly Effect”: a deep stomper that could well have been released on Underground Quality or Sistrum. It is space and emotion, bubbling with jungle breaks and 909 power, channeled through the medium of deep, touching house music.
Gift of a Patient Soul” is a slower burner, a crunchy jazzy mid-tempo acid funker – perfect to get that foot tap on. The remix by Sheri Vari flips it into a psychedelic deep trip, tapping into that odd parallel world where Rick Wade did a track with Maurice Fulton.
Warm as Hoth” closes the EP. A funky live bass is intertwined by dreamy chords and chaotic melodies, made of stuttering vocal samples. The kind of thing you’d expect if Todd Edwards did a track with Marc Mac: classic UK garage with a jazz-funk vibe and a Detroit Techno feel. Hard to define, but very easy to listen to and play out.

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