Mercury in Transit.’ is a rare astronomical event: when the closest planet to the Sun passes directly between the star and a superior planet. It’s also the title of Portable’s new album, which sees its release on KhoiKhoi on 13th March.

The 8-track LP is the shimmering product of arguably one of the most favoured multi-talented underground electronic acts unleashing yet another other-worldly wealth of solitary craftmanship.
This being Portable’s 6th album, it drops – an awaited UFO – two decades on from his debut release. A diverse range of sounds all in the South African’s signature style firmly affix Alan Abrahams, in the realms of the future, converging through driving and bubbling melody-fuelled dancefloor journeys ( This Horizon, It’s Been Long ft. Korus, You Hacked Me ) into softer, ambient moments ( One Earth ).
On 28th February Portable will celebrate the release of ‘Transit Of Mercury‘ and other releases at Panorama Bar with his celebrated live act – a set which cannot be missed.

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Emanuele Vizza.

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