RDG‘s debut LP feat Killa P, Rider Shafique, Yaa Aisin etc along with the video for ‘Channelized ft. Yaa Aisin’, out March 20th.

Planetary Sound Fiction’ marks the Danish label’s 10th release with a subbed-out panoramic trip deep into the current state and future of bass music, with sound allies Rider Shafique, K Man, Ill Chill, Monti and Yaa Aisin and London based MC Killa P!
Drawing on experience from decades of DJing, musical production, sound engineering and intergalactic excursions, RDG has thoroughly matured his undeniable skill of orbiting and perfectly blending the dimensions of jungle, dubstep, techno, d’n’b, experimental, leftfield and downtempo music into a coherent and captivating sonic journey. Following more than 25 EP releases over the past 10 years, ‘Planetary Sound Fiction’ is by far RDG’s most exhaustive work to date and presents a sound, encompassing anything else released by the Danish producer so far.


X1 – RDG – Under
X2 – RDG – Tuff ft. Rider Shafique
X3 – RDG – Be You
X4 – RDG – Earth
XX1 – RDG – Hypnotica
XX2 – RDG – Can’t Hide ft. Killa P
XX3 – RDG – Powerlines
XX4 – RDG & K Man – A Number
Y1 – RDG & Monti – Roar
Y2 – RDG – Voices
Y3 – RDG – Third Eye
YY1 – RDG – Lemon ft. Ill Chill
YY2 – RDG – Channelized ft. Yaa Aisin
YY3 – RDG – F#@! All Ya

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