Roberto Clementi


Roberto Clementi, dj and italian producer, returns on Soma Records with an amazing new EP, ‘Dicodon‘.

Several years have passed since his last release and in that time, the experienced Roberto Clementi has reminded and toughened his sound. This latest EP takes him in a new musical direction yet remnants of his past still influence these new tracks.

Opening track, ‘Sustainable Planets‘ is an epic opener to say the least. Charging rhythms set the tone before a vast, orchestral string section opens up giving a very melancholic, dystopian feel to the track. ‘Cesar’s Assassin‘ takes things up a notch as fast paced, 4×4 drums lead the way while an ever evolving, punishing lead sears through the base of the track. Title track ‘Dicodon‘ closes out the EP with a more trippy vibe but no less hard hitting than previous. Yet more sturdy percussive elements are at play, creating a dynamic and ferocious rhythm track.

Artwork Soma


1. Sustainable Planets
2. Cesar’s Assassin
3. Dicodon

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