Marco Bailey’s Materia imprint presents Tom HadesThe Flowers Hundred’ LP under his Sigvard alias. Tom delivers club-ready, experimental dance music that is uncovered across fifteen delicately crafted tracks with soundscapes of ambient and noise glowering above. The foundation of all tracks is married with an artists desire to create, combine and discover.

Many classical 90s electronic tropes are covered across the album; elements of trance on the spiralling ‘Attitudes’ and the hard-hitting ‘Judgement From An Idiot’, layer by layer built into an emotive and organic spectre for the ears.
Pulsing and unstoppable rhythms are mixed into each track with psychedelic synth lines on ‘Rendezvous’ and ‘Preaching Eyes’ creating a disorientating and beautiful atmosphere.
The slow burner ‘Bonds Have Respect’ pays homage to Boards of Canada esque 90’s ambient, combined with a steady percussion and a glowing energy, whilst ‘Nightlife Miracles’ is a steadfast track with an unstoppable pulse and a trippy synth line.
The Flowers Hundred’ is a bold and passionate release celebrating Hades’ inspirations and innovations, a standout techno emblem.

Release day: 01.07.2022 in Vinyl and Digital formats.

The Flowers Hundred LP

01. Ragged Composition
02. Bewildered
03. Reasons Beyond the Atmosphere
04. Rendezvous
05. Nightlife Miracles
06. The Implied Stars
07. Judgement from an Idiot
08. Man of a Good Heart
09. Attitudes
10. Snipers Thoughts
11. Kind Of Nothing
12. The Dreamer Thinks
13. The Flowers Hundred
14. Bonds Have Respect
15. Preaching Eyes


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