This is a journey into the heart of Otrohn, a dystopian and futuristic world, presented by the mysterious duo SRAMAANA. On ‘Dystopian Odyssey’, the upcoming EP on French label Skryptöm, the electronic duo take you on the first chapter of their audiovisual series.

SRAMAANA is a techno duo inspired by the merge of traditional shamanism and modern sciences. Immersed in mystic, darkness and intensity, their modular improvised performances showcase an idiosyncratic communication between the realms of analog and digital. Establishing themselves by releasing on Webuildmachines, as well as compilations alongside artists like Headless Horseman, Amotik, Tunnel, Linn Elisabet, ASEC and others, the duo proceeds is happy to announces for the next May 21st their new EP on Electric Rescue’s label.

01. Distress
02. Kinetic Rampage
03. Quantical Attraction
04. Parallel Horizon
05. Otrohn

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Tech Clubbers is an electronic music project based in Italy.

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