D/n he published his new EP for the first time on Subsidence imprint, the Italian record label based in Bologna focused on electronic music, experimental, techno, noise and ambient sound.

Daniele Serraino aka D/n is an Italian dj and producer who has been nurturing his passion for electronic music since 2001, when he started his musical career first using vinyl and then studying analog sound synthesis. He comes from the Italian underground scene where he built a great reputation in the Acid Techno scene with an other project, allowing him to play in many clubs, European rave parties and to produce for many labels, including his own Ausgang record, founded in collaboration with another artist.
Having released on Goldenboy and Blackwater Label now returns with a new crazy album. Suburban view EP, introspective visions, journeys into obscure metropolitan scenes and industrial scenarios coloured by abstract sounds and rhythms.
The EP will out on October 28th in digital and cassette format.
Pre-order su Bandcamp here!

Artwork Subsidence


Side A
1. Industrial Waste
2. Old factory
3. Rave culture
Side B
1. Shadow
2. Structure
3. Traffic

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