Tamarak launches his first EP, ‘Mirror Stone‘, on Woodwork. Out April 26th.

As expected from producer Josh Searles, the beats are tech-infused, and the atmospheres are sparse and minimal while maintaining a strong mood. ‘Mirror Stone‘ and ‘Twilight Mist‘ play like a two-part cinematic thriller, where ‘Agent O‘ could easily be the final score that runs as the credits roll. All three tracks share the same power, drama and sense of space that has come to characterize Tamarak’s work to date.

Built into a mix, these tracks each provide a distinguished layer that could compliment an adventurous dark techno set as tightly as they fit into a dubstep or drum n bass mix. For that matter, an adventurous ambient or downtempo selector could comfortably slot these in at the right moment to great effect.


1. Mirror Stone
2. Twilight Mist
3. Agent O

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