Teksupport Records, the New York based imprint ran by Kareem Cali, presents the new EP of the American producer Mink with the Remix by P.Leone.

Trip” kicks things off with a rolling drum beat and tribal influences full of tension and raw techno flavour of subtle tweaks and atmospherics.
P.Leone‘s remix goes straight for a stern kick and warping bass hits using elements from the original to create delayed textures soft bell notes hidden in the layers for those who love details. An intricate break of sound experimentation sets up the propulsion of the latter half and its moody dance floor vibe.
Track three “Warp” steps down into a slower paced ride focusing on a funky rhythm and spaced out sounds that add a blanket of electrified pulses and an interesting use of acid tones.
Clone” closes out the EP with a deep dive into an acid-based analogue aesthetic that’s a perfect example of maximising restraint and crescendo to make a thumping, club ready jam.
The EP will be out on November 20.

01. Trip
02. Trip ( P.Leone Remix )
03. Warp
04. Clone

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