Tresor’s long-standing connection to Detroit continues with Black Majik – the solo EP debut from Ann-Marie Teasley aka The AM , one of the Motor City’s newest techno ambassadors. Over four tracks the EP takes you on an odyssey of sorts, traversing the big three of Detroit’s electronic music history: Funk, Electro, and Techno

Black Majik’, the title track sets you off with a groove bringing to mind a car ride through the city as the sun sets; the looping yet subtly-changing beats reminiscent of road markings and scenery that flit past on our journey, the vocals acting as the road signs that keeps us on our route.
The next stop is ‘On Joy Road‘, an Electro-influenced track named after the long, dual-carriageway street that connects the centre of Detroit to Nankin Lake and the enclaves on the city’s west side. Of this personal favourite from the EP The AM says, “Classic electro has never gone out of style in Detroit, and if it’s hot outside, or you’re at a cookout you’re going to hear some form of electro, especially on Joy Road…infamous for its drag races. It can be a beautiful street by day, but it can turn very sinister at night which also influenced the writing of this track.”
Third track, ‘Shadow Werk‘, continues the drive into the night with an all-pistons-firing techno track recalling classic Detroit-Berlin axis tracks like UR’s Punisher or Joey Beltram’s Ten Four. This last track is remixed by Scan7 who turbo-charge ‘Shadow Werk‘ with a remix that adds accelerating trance-induction arpeggios evocative of Techno’s earliest beginnings in Italo Disco and tracks like ‘Number of Names‘ seminal Shari Vari.

Release Day: 11.03.2022 in Digital format.
Pre-order here.


01. Black Majik
02. On Joy Road
03. Shadow Werk
04. Shadow Werk ( Scan 7 Remix )


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