Tresor 31


Tresor presents “Techno, Berlin und die große Freiheit“, a wonderfull 7 week long anniversary celebration to be held from July 8th – August 28th, 2022. The festival encompasses a myriad of concerts, club nights and an exhibition that reflects on the past three decades of musical evolution, social change and city development.

Musically, this theme is underscored through more than 20 club nights across Tresor, Globus and OHM, and over eight concerts in Kraftwerk. Live performances include Tresor-affiliated artists like Detroit in Effect and Surgeon, and exclusive shows like Blackhaine’s Berlin debut and Voices From the Lake, whose performance at Tresor 31 will mark their only show in Germany this year, as well as Giant Swan, Aho Ssan & KMRU, who will present a new collaborative performance titled ‘Limen’. Over 20 club nights across the festival’s two month-long run will play host to DJ and live sets by over 150 artists including Antenes, RP Boo, Simo Cell, Tresor label affiliates Helena Hauff, Jensen Interceptor, Yazzus, and Moritz von Oswald, and many more.


The “Techno, Berlin und die große Freiheit” exhibition examines Tresor’s winding journey in context – from its pre-history in the unusual economic and social conditions of West Berlin to its transition into the cosmopolitan capital city of today. Once its doors to the former bank vault opened on Leipziger Strasse in 1991 in newly unified Berlin, the club rapidly became a pillar for the burgeoning techno scene that would become a significant turning point for electronic music worldwide. Never intended as a mere nightclub, this history depicts a thrust towards reimagining forgotten spaces as well as building subcultures and global movements amidst a unique political backdrop of newfound freedom in the post-Cold War era.
Unsurprisingly, Tresor’s story is also the story of an ever-changing Berlin. The past 31 years could not have happened anywhere else but there.


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