VTSS is set to debut on REPITCH Recordings label, the Berlin imprint run by Shapednoise, Ascion and D. Carbone who has previously released music by Sote, Pinch, Zenker Brothers or Umwelt. ‘Identity Process’ EP is out July 4th on 12” and digital formats.

VTSS, real name Martyna Maja, is one of the most interesting female artists from the new generation of techno DJs & producers. Known for her long-lasting residency at the Brutaż parties and club Jasna 1 in Warsaw, she put out her debut EP on SPFDJ’s Intrepid Skin label last year, followed by her recent 12” on Haven. Her raw live sets and energetic DJ mixes blending techno, EBM, acid and hardcore have brought her to a busy tour schedule and join the Discwoman crew.

Her REPITCH debut channels this same ardor into four heavy-hitting bangers that serve as sonic power conductors and ecstatic stamina enhancers. The industrialized pounding of her drum sounds is always accompanied by a taste for reimagining the classic vestiges of techno, rave, and even hardcore: from hoover sounds and sampled vocal refrains to classic Berlin style staccato synth pulses.

RPTCH10 Artwork

VTSS – Identity Process (RPTCH10-Teaser) from Repitch Recordings on Vimeo.


A1. Bring The Noize
A2. Code Red
B1. Sensor 150
B2. Devil-may-care

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