The second Volume of “Red Shadows” is out now. With 13 diverse tracks it keeps on exploring the dark sides of the “Witches Are Back” collective electronic music producers. Among the others, the extraordinary participation of Ixindamix, that creates rave culture milestones since 30 years, and the contributions of some underground queer scene characters like Produkkt, Anna Bolena, Lady Maru, Suit Kei, Impy.
The compilation is released to support the transfeminist network which created the pro-sexworkers campaign “Nessuna Da Sola“, addressing the COVID19 emergency in Italy.
Release on December 15th.
Order link here.

1. Onirologia – Rage Gives
2. Ixindamix – The Trip
3. Suit Kei – Freeze
4. Yva & The Toy George – Teodora
5. Lady Maru – Gone Away
6. Anna Bolena – No Future Is Dead ( Deep Mix )
7. CHRLSX – The Most Of Lost
8. Yashin – Glass Splinter
9. Produkkt – Apnea
10. Impy – Die Nette Hexe
11. Kween D.O.L.O. & Lady Debs – Out Of Shadow
12. Tota Pulchra Es – Apasmara
13. Sphinxesphinxesphinxes – Adorasi

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