Alex Dolby


Today we are with the DJ/Producer Alex Dolby, owner of the Affekt Recordings label and of the historic Affekt Club, in his career of over 15 years he has published on important labels such as Global Underground, ARTS, Modularz and Micro.fon.

01. Hi Alex, we had the pleasure of sharing your Podcast on our channel last year..How did you go through this particular moment? How did you organize your musical days?

Hi Guys it’s always a pleasure; I spent this period of ups and downs rediscovering things that had been lost with the frenzy of normal days. Musically speaking, I spent a lot of time and money to have a new studio setup as I had neglected over the years with the club and the evenings.

02. How do you think the clubbing scene can restart positively?

I hope it can start again better than we left it, given the poor quality of the people and the music we were used to. I’ve heard a lot of quality new releases lately and this gives me confidence for the future even though I honestly can’t imagine the timing for a return to the “normal”.

03. What do you want to recommend to the guys who want to enter the world of music?

I would advise him to study a lot given the great competition there is today, so being masters in the use of machines or software gives you mastery in what you want to do, certainly along with a good musical background.

04. Evod Music, Meditation Records, ANAOH Records and Affekt Recordings were your latest releases, which track are you particularly attached to?

I hardly attach myself to any track, each one has its own story and maybe in some evenings it can convey something to you unlike others; music depends a lot on the context in which you play it and above all in front of whoever plays it.

05. Jonas Kopp recently came out on your Affekt Recordings..How did your collaboration start? Are there new releases in the coming months on the schedule?

Jonas has been a guest at Affekt many times, always with a great feeling in common so it wasn’t difficult to make him part of my label. The next releases will, as always, be a mix of already established artists and interesting young people, our doors have always been open to everyone, always putting the music forward.

06. Any news on the historic Affekt Club? Is there an “end pandemic” program in sight?

There are no news in this moment, I think within the next few months we will understand something, Affekt is a winter club and so if it is possible it will be discussed after the summer.

07. However, you have also recently come out with your new electro alias AX15, When and where was it born?

This profile was born for fun, I come from the techno of the 90s and for many years in the progressive house so playing with pads and electro rhythms was very easy for me.
In the next few days another EP will also be released on a label I created and also called AX15, just to give vent to the things I have done.
I also dedicate myself to House stuff with another alias Ron Maino where I released one of the best labels around on HouseWax.
I try not to get bored;)

08. How long did you work before going out with AX15 on the METIER label? What this EP represent for you?

Usually I work very little on the tracks, I want to get to the finish line immediately otherwise I get lost and abandon them. This latest work of mine is a new way to get involved and given the good results I am very happy.


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